Hide N Seek


This server is NonSteam/Steam.

This server is using 100 air accelerate (100aa) it so important to know that, some of users don’t like this kind of setting.

  • This is a Counter-Strike 1.6 mod where the hiders (Terrorists) must hide from the seekers (Counter-Terrorists) until the round ends.

  • The teams will swap when the Counter-Terrorists win, or when X rounds have ended 

  • The hiders are equipped with a broken, invisible knife , an HE grenade, two flashbangs, and a smokegrenade .

  • The seekers are equipped with a knife.

  • Both teams are given 100 armor.


  • Removes all objectives (bombs, hostages, etc.) and doors

  • Creates a fake hostage outside of the map to end the rounds.

  • Removes any guns placed on the ground in special maps, such as awp_map.

  • Contains two different scrim mods

  • More features are described with the cvars and commands.