A brief history about the community i own

Currently owned 5 cs servers and 1 active l4d server
we started back in 2013 as our first private server
made for our bhop skills clan as requested

that was called " NSP " that refers to "Necro Skilled Player"

(Night-shift Premium currently)

According to this announce, the clan name was changed to NS

We started as a small group of players that support each others back in time, as you can see here is 2018 list of our members

What those servers modes are ?

We have Hide & Seek, Old school, Surf, and a Dark mode which is unique kind of server that i manually made.

We have in total of 22 servers , browse them here

if you have any further questions about our servers you may directly contact us

20K players have played in our servers - Updated 13 Mar Friday 2020