Frequently asked questions

What does NS stands for ? [ GamingDistricts Community ]

NSP Previously = [N]ewborn [S]killed [P]layers NS Currently = [N]ewborn [S]kills NS is an official Counter-Strike 1.6 clan made by Necro Since 2013 It was private. The clan and our squad became serious after 2016

NS Associated Games/Servers ? [ GamingDistricts Community ]

We are currently working with GamingDistrict Community.

  1. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  2. Left 4 dead 2
  3. LiMBO
  4. Sven Co-op
  5. No More Room in Hell
  6. Counter-Strike 2000

Does NS have ability to let their players to Apply for a Membership or Adminship ?

+18 : Almost everyone can apply for a high-taff Depends on their Statistics and Probability. Applications for GD Community.

Who are you Necro ?

My nick known as Necro since years ago from Gaming. My birthday on sixth of February 1999, I was born in Amman, Jordan. I'm from Jerusalem, Palestine ( Israel ) { Middle East }

What is the most thing you like to do during a day ?

Listening queit songs and Chillsteps, Updating and moderating NSP Services and stuff, Riding a bike, ect.

What's your hobbies / interests ?

Swimming, Listening Songs, Editing Online Webpages and Writing ( Life & Love Quotes )

What do you Prefer. Console or PC

Everyone has different answer according to their gaming experience. I'd say PC

What games do you play ?

I could barely play nowadays ( from year 2017 on ), But i mostly likely play Counter-Strike 1.6, Left 4 dead & Sven Coop

Necro, People are missing you in-game. Join us !

I'd love to join you everyday, But sorry i don't find any interests in gaming anymore, i don't find it enjoyable like i used to i lost the intrests :(

But why you don't join and play? i remember we played together long time ago!

Basically .., Straight ? I'm not sure if you have ever heard about Depression and anxiety disorder In another words : I'm tired of dealing with drama. i mean like why would i join in a place where every drama could happen in every minute and being in a selfishness kids being with you all the day ?.

What do you hate the most ?

The answer is easy, I hate fake friends, liers, & haters.

What do you like the most ?

Being with someone I love and to try to make people happy as soon as I can.

What things that pisses you off ?

Realizing fake friends, fake news about/behind me, a friend who betrayed me, a friend whom I be with for a long time saying bs about me behind my back eventho i was 101% with them.

What's your favorite game(s) and why ?

Counter-Strike : So many memorise happened back in time. For me. The memory of this game is so priceless ! Left 4 Dead : This game as well i have so many good memory with many friends i met. I just can't describe and thank them enough But once again if you're reading this. Thank you!. This is at least i can do.

Give me a small brief about your Personality ?

I get stressed fastly, My anger is kinda quiet, Not a rage person But if i do, know that it's the maximum level i could handle. Eventho i can be normal and just so quiet in a minutes.

I'm adding you on Steam. Please accept.

Hmm. Sorry, I'm not interested in new requests. I can always help by contacting me on my any other social media. That would be great.