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Official FAQs


What is NS servers ?

NS servers was born in 2013 by few players, as it was called NSP. We are more likely a squad instead of community.

Who is the owner and can i apply for admin/vip application ?

The owner called '|Ns| 刀ec[尺]o /A/", Co-Owner is '|Ns| ℛ𝘰𝘻𝘦 🂱' If you would like to apply for an adminship you whether scroll till the end or click here

What ModRiot has to do with NS ?

ModRiotGaming is a multi modification based gaming community offering servers of all sorts customized by community input. We dedicated ourselves towards providing a drama/stress-free gaming experierce for all fellow gamers while hosting the classic half-life 1 based mods we all grew up on worldwide.

NS is a standalone game servers that was lovely hosted from ModRiot Gaming

What other game servers does ModRiot includes ?

Sven Co-Op, No More Room In Hell , Counter-Strike, BrainBread 2, Garrys Mod, Minecraft Browse all ModRiot Hosted Servers here. Browse them on forums here.

How do i report a player or an admin ?

You basically contact us below and tell us everything you would like to report, or you may also click here

I have a server suggestion, how can i post it ?

You may post it on here

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